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Since 2001 more than 2500 schools have licensed MathBase. Many licences were issued on a permanent basis and are still valid today.

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The aim of MathBase is to effectively and efficiently support the teaching and learning of numeracy and mathematics.


Primarily intended for pupil's individual use, MathBase also works well as a whole class and small group teaching resource.

It helps learners of all ages develop sound foundations in numeracy. The screen isn't age specific, and is equally suited to early learners and older pupils with additional learning needs.

Pupils of all abilities will progress more rapidly with MathBase.


Numeracy is broken down into small steps with ample opportunity for 'over learning' where necessary. This simple approach encourages independence - frequently an important objective in itself. Practice and assessment are combined into one.


The Number Bonds App demonstrates the 'MathBase' approach. It concerns the four operations in relation to the 10 by 10 addition and multiplication squares.

The material is arranged into 21 simple steps closely linked to the curriculum. These form a track or pathway that is accessible to pupils regardless of teaching class, group or year. Pupils are freer to progress at their own speed. In this way MathBase helps provide opportunities for accelerated learning for all pupils.

Step 1 of Number Bonds practises and tests addition within 5, immediately followed by step 2 that practises and tests subtraction within 5, step 3 then practises and tests a mix of both operations, ... Finally step 21 practises and tests a mix of all four operations and represents achievement of full table fluency.

Number Bonds can be initiated in Reception and is applicable to the entire primary range. Its 21 targets enable progress in this key area to be measured accurately across the whole school, year in year out.

The aim is that pupils starting with 'Number Bonds' in Reception will reach full table fluency ahead of projected time.

From September 2018 record keeping for Number Bonds will be fully automated.


MathBase requires Microsoft Windows 7 or higher. It is not directly compatible with Mac OS but runs well on any Mac that is also set up to run MS Windows. It is not compatible with mobile devices or iPads.

Currently each package (1 to 6) is in the form of a simple exe file that can be installed on local machines or held on a central server and accessed locally through shortcuts. A new version of MathBase available September 2018 will require configuration for internet access.

The Garden
Horizon School, Hackney
MathBase first developed 2001
Savile Town Infants
Savile Town Infants, Kirklees

MathBase is one of the most useful programs for our setting

  • No distractions for pupils with ASD
  • Infinitely variable levels so whole group can practice at their own level
  • Useful assessment tool allowing pupils to set their own targets

Margaret Rolph,
Billing Brook School