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The Aim of MathBase

The aim of MathBase is to effectively and efficiently support the acquisition of basic skills in numeracy. The software helps learners make optimal progress while operating with maximal independence.

The software is not a substitute for live teaching but is a tool for practice and consolidation.

Who is MathBase for ?

A confident and secure foundation in numeracy is important for everyone. MathBase helps learners of all ages develop that foundation. The graphical presentation is not age specific. MathBase is suitable for learners of all abilities and especially helpful for learners with educational special needs or reduced self confidence.

The MathBase Approach

The approach is based on large amounts of highly differentiated practice. Learners progress through a sequence of small steps or targets. Each step is practiced until complete success has been attained before progressing to the next step. For example, when doubling numbers within 10 is mastered, the next step/target would typically be doubling numbers within 15.

Usually users perform 25 interactions per minute or 250 over a 10 minute period. This outstrips the use of worksheets and also provides automatic marking/feedback for each individual interaction.

MathBase Requirements

MathBase requires Microsoft Windows. It is not compatible with Mac OS (accept for a Mac running Windows OS under simulation) or portable devices. It may be loaded on to a server or individual machines. No data storage is performed and each of the six MathBase titles is an independent exe file available on CD. MathBase is not operable across the Internet.

Horizon School
MathBase at Horizon Special School where first developed

Savile Town
Savile Town Primary where MathBase is popular with pupils